Elina Dmitrieva - Actress, Photographer and Model


 Having dreams and courage are probably two of the most remarkable qualities anyone can acquire, but there are a few people who are gifted enough to have them both simultaneously, specially at a young age like Elina Dmitrieva has.

Aside from being a courageous dreamer, Elina has various talents such as acting, modeling and photography – starting her own headshot company, Actors Essentials, in Los Angeles. Although Elina’s work is only beginning to flourish into an amazing career, the journey to get to where she is now wasn’t always an easy mission.


Elina Dmitrieva


Born in Kazakhstan in 1989, her family decided to move to Montreal, Canada, for a safer life. Elina lived in Canada with her family for 3 years until they moved to Miami, Florida. Even though Elina was constantly moved around and had to earn the trust of new friends, she also had to deal with an abusive and alcoholic father, but luckily her high spirits and motivation always kept her head high never letting her give up on her dreams.

With her parents divorcing shortly after moving to Miami Elina was still able to focus and become determined to paint a clear picture of what she wanted to accomplish in life. Not only is she a multitalented artist, but she has a passion for helping others, giving back to her community and enjoying the simple things in life.


Elina Dmitrieva


Elina discovered her passion at the young age of 12, soon after she joined the Little Theater School. Knowing that she could express herself in any way possible with acting she fell in love with it immediately. Soon after high school Elina was approached to reenact a drunk driving scene in front of the students of Broward County high school. The reenactment took place in a massive open field where the County Sheriff’s along with the Fire department helped with the demonstration. The reenactment was taped and made into an educational film for the school. The film received much success, having made top news on newspapers the next day − this would later land Elina a role in a short film.

Although Elina showed to have prominent acting skills, her beauty also proved to be striking. Approached at the age of 14 by a modeling management company, Elina was under the direction of Sataja Stephane and Jose Vazquez, where she was guided and mentored for modeling. At the age of 18 Elina added another successful booking when she was chosen to work on the OP campaign.


Elina Dmitrieva


Shortly after graduating the Art Institute of Miami for Fashion Design at the age of 20 she finally moved to the only city she knew she could pursue her acting career in, Los Angeles. After her arrival to L.A. she immediately signed with KSR and booked print ads for T-Mobile and Dove. A year after working in Los Angeles, she decided to write, produce, direct and star in her first short film, and was SAG eligible right away.

Influenced by Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie while growing up, she knew she was meant to become an actress and successful, but she knew it wasn’t the fame she searched for but rather to be able to travel around the world and help those in need. One of her life goals is to build shelters for children, provide them with clean water, clothes, meditation, and ultimately to give people hope.


Elina Dmitrieva


Currently Elina Dmitrieva is represented by boutique agency Chez Chic Talent, which she closely works with. Elina loves to intimately work with Chez Chic, where they can provide her with undivided attention to expand her career. Her go- getter and bubbly attitude will undoubtedly help her achieve anything she sets her mind on. She recently booked a sci-fi film that will begin filming in the summer of 2014 and just wrapped a swimwear campaign for Venao Swimwear. Aside from her busy modeling and acting career, she is putting her writing and production skills at work by currently working on three screenplays that will soon be released.


Elina Dmitrieva


For more information on Elina Dmitrieva visit her Personal Website or IMDB, Vimeo, and on Actor Essentials . 

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