Elena Charbila - Also Known As The Talented Kid Moxie

Photo By: Stathis Mamalakis

Elena Charbila came to LA from Athens, via London a few years ago because, as she says, “I wanted to be at the centre of where everything happens.” Having been brought up with classical piano and a passion for the arts, she studied drama and music at university in San Francisco where she learned her love of comedy acting with a Yiddish Vaudeville show.  Charbila decided to pursue an career in acting and music, "There was never a day that I woke up and consciously made that decision… But while I was studying drama and music at a university in San Francisco, I was part of a theatre troupe that put on a Yiddish Vaudeville show. I was acting in it and also was the pianist for the show. I felt so complete after each performance and I started feeling that I cant imagine doing something else that could make me happier. So I came to L.A to do a film for a month and things started rolling from there…" 
From there, her twin-track career in acting and music began to take off. Roles in indie movies balanced with performances with Michael Buble and she decided to clarify the definition between the two by creating an alter-ego for her musical output, Kid Moxie, possibly on the back of seeing a broken bottle of Moxie Cola in a dumpster, though she’s not so sure which came first now. “Having an alter-ego for my music is sort of an alter-ego because I also act, so I think it would be weird to use my real name for both projects… in acting I get to play out other people’s lives… in my musical side I want to keep totally in control.”  As a singer CharbilaKid Moxie, is able to express emotion, "When I write songs, my compass is usually a specific mood that I am trying to capture. The lyrics and music are simply tools that help me get there. I get inspired by my dreams, mythology and imaginary scenarios that play out in my head."

Photo By: Stathis Mamalakis

Women Of The Year nominee by Greece’s Life and Style Magazine for her international career in acting and music, Charbila is splitting her time now between Greece and the States.   With appearances in television commercials for McDonalds, Absolute Vodka (alongside Kanye West), Sony Playstation and many others, as well as roles in the forthcoming films “Bereave” and “Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope", she is also working hard on her new album due to be released later this year. Elena's music is not only very popular in her native country of Greece, but is has also started to surface on U.S radio waves and has been featured on Showtime hit TV shows and on MTV/Logo TV.  "I am currently in the studio recording my new album which will be out at the end of this year. At the same time, I am involved in a very exciting project, the David Lynch Foundation Music, where some of my music will be featured. This is a new label featuring exclusive tracks by leading artists like MobyTom WaitsIggy Pop and Maroon 5 among others. All proceeds from song sales go to raising funds for several non-profit projects initiated by the David Lynch Foundation
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Photo By: Jazz Beitler


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