Djamilla Sada Ram - A Gift from the Northern Lights


Photo by Chris Dellorco

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Djamilla began her artistic life early on. With her mother writing and her father painting, creating collaborative pieces for children’s litterateur, the daily newspaper and the theatre. Instilling a deep rooted knowing in Djamilla that everything is possible to create and that we are the co-creators of our reality.


At the age of 9 Djamilla joined the Royal Swedish Ballet School, shaping her youth with discipline and rehearsals at the Royal Opera House where she performed the first time at the age of 10. During this time Yoga was also introduced to Djamilla, to give her strength, flexibility and focus.


Later on she was chosen as one out of three, from the entire class to perform with the Royal Swedish ballet company.

Original photo by Sasha Vovchuk, Mandala Design by Jason Art


As a 16 year old she was chosen as the youngest participant for an UNESCO funded project with dancers from all over Europe. To live and study with the leading choreographers in Europe, by the French Riviera and later on tour throughout France and Italy. As a 19 year old she was chosen to work with Universal Ballet in South Korea.


Djamilla has performed ballet in France, Italy, England, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Spain and South Korea.


Photo by Elena Tchoujtchenko


Later on Djamilla moved on to fire dancing and Prayerformance at multiple music festivals, around the globe. After a pinnacle performance in Portugal Djamilla was ready to pass on the torch as the spotlight holder to the next wave of performers.


Photo by Aaron Glassman

And so Djamilla set out on her pilgrimage. Beginning her journey in Bodh Gaya, India, the place where Buddha got Enlightened, Djamilla kept on traveling throughout the globe, visiting sacred sites, temples, and the over all incredible nature of this earth.


Photo by Karl Baba


Through her courageous travels fueled by the curiosity for different cultures Djamilla developed a profound respect for the sacred feminine, ecology, herbalism, and orgasmic birthing.  And is now living and practicing the fusion of these elements in her daily life.


It was in Tulum, Mexico where Djamilla met her Kundalini Yoga Teacher who invited her to come to LA. Djamilla says that it was the easiest choice ever made, and so she moved to Los Angeles to deepen her yogic path. Kundalini yoga being the yoga of awareness, the yoga of consciousness, a profound tool for self-transformation and self -discovery.


Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Currently Djamilla is teaching in Los Angeles, California in private sessions and at yoga studios.

Photo by Chris Dellorco

Words form a student “ The private sessions with Djamilla has changed my life completely. I’m more realxed and focused and I feel younger and more alive. And what used to bother me doesn’t anymore. Djamilla has given me the tools to deal with every day life situations in a smooth way.”   Susan Paulson






Djamilla is a Certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher as well as Certified Prenatal & Pregnancy Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Doula. 

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