Denyse Jolie Walls - Seeking Her "Ah-Ha" Role

Anybody who has ever known Denyse Jolie Walls, knows she wanted to act since she was a very young child.  When she was a student at Pomona College she had the privilege of working with directors Shakina Nayfack and Arielle Brown in the play For Colored Girls.   She says, "I'd carried my mom's battered first edition copy with me all during high school and performed the poems to anybody who would listen to me.”   Performing on stage in that play changed her life and solidified her dream to inspire and pursue the entertainment industry.

Shortly after starring in For Colored Girls, Denyse went onto to study theater and performance theory in Trinidad and Tobago at the University of the West Indies. At UWI she was able to fully develop her artistry and participate in the Camboulay re-enactments.  This is an annual event that celebrates  the descendants of freed slaves on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago against attempts by the British police to crack down on aspects of the celebration of Carnival. 

Since receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Africana Studies Denyse has been carving her mark.  She has appeared in two national commercials, Burger King and Marie Calenders.   However, what Denyse is seeking is the career making “ah ha” role. 

Denyse says, “This talent I have is God given, and it’s up to me to be like the servants who doubled their gifts in the Bible’s Parable of the Talents.” (Matthew 25:14-30)

She is currently signed with Ideal Talent Agency. To keep up with Denyse you can follow her on Twitter here.

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