Daniella Evangelista - Actor, Model, Cook

Daniella Evangelista, born in Vancouver Canada and of Italian and French descent , entered the world of modeling and acting when she was just four years old. As a child worked for Benetton and Bambini Magazine.

After many successful years, Daniella became a cornerstone of Vancouver's Television and Modelling industry. Daniella had been scouted on numerous occasions to work abroad. One of the biggest opportunities get got was when she was flown to LA to screen test for Star Wars opposite Natalie Portman. After this experience, Daniella found a new home in LA where she perused her career on a whole new level.

Working in Film and TV opposite the like of Elijah Wood, Kristen Kruek, Grace Park, Steven Segal, Michael Ironside, and James Marsden, she holds her own with some of the top actors in Hollywood today. She played Tracy Antonelli on CBC's Edgmont for five seasons, was named the "Scream Queen" after many leading horror film roles, and was the leading lady in Nickleback's award wining video for the song "Someday".

Daniella currently spends her time between L.A, NYC, Vancouver and Toronto working as an actor. She also is a very accomplished and talented nutritionist/cook which you can see on Daniella's Kitchen facebook page.  She teachers and coaches kids and teens in acting, and also has deejayed for the last ten years around the world. Entertainment, food and music are Daniella's great passions in life and he has done well to make an exciting career of all three.

More recently Daniella had just guest starred on Warehouse 13 episode "Runaway', and starred in a sci-fi alien short film called Hybrids where Daniella plays an ex-special forces soldier who seeks revenge after losing her daughter at the hands of an Alien infestation. Daniella's goal is to both play strong female characters like Jodie Foster and Angelina Jolie, and she also is working on her own cooking show.

Be sure to stay up to date on Daniella's adventures via the official Daniella Evangelista page, her facebook, twitter and imdb pages.





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