Courtney Bingham - Not Just a Beautiful Face But an Entrepreneur as Well

The famed bassist and co- founder of Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx’s beautiful super model girlfriend Courtney Bingham, is not just a beautiful face but an entrepreneur as well.

Her creative genius has stricken quite a chord with people after launching her bathing suit cover up line, "Cover Ups by Courtney" and her Do It Yourself Guide website to Everything Fabulous! The Cover Up clothing line is creating quite a buzz as Courtney unveiled to her fans the hip new way to stay sexy and feel confident in the sun this summer.

Cover Ups by Courtney is an upscale, hip, fresh and unique way to show off your curves by not having to show it all at once. Some of the cover ups are actually made out of bathing suit material so you can head into the water wearing them as well. Courtney spared no expense by searching far and wide for the best quality material for her line and yet keeps it all very affordable.


Courtney’s Do It Yourself  Guide website to Everything Fabulous, is a great place to learn how to create basically anything and everything on a budget that fits your lifestyle. You'll learn tips on, entertaining, décor, cooking, beauty and fashion. There isn’t really anything Courtney doesn’t cover on her site. The response has been so tremendous that there are talks of her own how- to T.V. show to follow, "The How 2 Girl" which could be described as a younger, hip version of Martha Stewart Living for people on a budget. Her site is not only a great place to follow via posts but to learn firsthand from her video tutorials. 


To sum up Courtney’s Do It Yourself Guide website to Everything Fabulous in her own words;

"When I started out on my own I couldn't afford the lifestyle I wanted so I quickly learned how to create it myself.  I'm going to show you how to create looks you love that will fit your life and your budget.  Every look is attainable and affordable if you just know how to do it and I'm here to show you how!"

Twitter [email protected]_courtney_b 


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