Christen Dominique - Rising Youtube Star

Christen Dominique is a Houston, TX based freelance Make-up Artist of Portuguese, Hispanic, and Arabic decent. She practices her love of beauty and make-up via her YouTube channel “Christendominique” where she puts a spin on the traditional how-to makeup tutorial by creating a unique story for each look while educating her viewers on the different makeup techniques with her upbeat fun explanations.

She also has been chosen by NYX Cosmetics to be in the 2nd Annual NYX Face Awards to compete for Beauty Vlogger of the Year. Which you can vote for her here three times a day starting June 21 2013.

Michelle Phans’ company Ipsy has noticed the rising youtube star and has also brought her in as a member and stylist of her company. Christens motto is to "Find the beauty in something or someone new today" This is her way to  promote a positive beauty community within youtube and everyone else who notices.

She tells us, “Not only is this fun for me but what really sets off my passion is the confidence you can get from just learning a simple makeup trick. It just makes my heart beam with light! When someone feels beautiful they gain a sudden confidence and with confidence comes success. I hope you find the beauty in everything and everyone around you!”

You can subscribe to her beauty channel here and follow her on twitter @ beautibychris and on instagram @ christendominique

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