Cecilia Mariscal – Uncovering Beauty in Photography

I feel like I am in a trance, behind the camera, in front of such beauty. The possibility of capturing a moment that will forever be gone excites me. The ability to create, whether that is a photograph, a painting, or a garment is a pleasure like no other; to take a possibly unbearable and chaotic reality and pass it through a looking glass of some medium. The beauty of art is that there is a mystery to it. I am exploring photography to uncover beauty, the noticed and unnoticed.

I ask myself who or what inspired me to take this route. A single name does not pop up, but countless. I am inspired by Annie Leibovitz that orchestrated and documented beautiful moments in modern history through her camera. I am inspired by Andy Warhol, who was fascinated by the world and marked an era, who believed in greatness, therefore became it. I am inspired by Coco Chanel and her timeless designs, hard work, and elegance. I am inspired everyday by the people that I surround myself with and strangers that I pass by. I want to document the human condition as well as capture people’s talents and passions.


Cecilia Mariscal was born in Mexico City and moved to San Diego at a very young age. She is currently studying Visual Arts with a focus in Photography at the University of San Diego. Art, fashion, and photography fascinate her. Mariscal has grown artistically and professionally. She is ready to take on the great opportunities that await her.

Mariscal has photographed for Scentra Couture, Chaz Logan, Concept LA, as well as her personal work.

Scentra Couture: A shoe line coming out in the US, India, and England

Scentra Couture: A shoe line coming out in the US, India, and England


Chaz Logan: hip hop/ rap artist


Chaz Logan: hip hop/ rap artist



Concept LA: for Concept LA website, Fashion Xchange Magazine and LA Confidential Magazine

Cecilia Mariscal Personal Work:






Contact Cecilia at [email protected]

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