Catherine Chen – A Star on the Rise


From Arcadia, California located near the base of the San Gabriel Mountains and a short distance away from Downtown Los Angeles is where Maxim magazine’s hometown hotties, Catherine Chen, spent the majority of her youth after moving from China in 2004.


Although Chen has numerous talents, it is quite clear that her first love has always been acting. Before discovering her passion for acting she always knew she belonged on stage and was born to be a performer. At the mere age of five Chen began to explore her appreciation for dance taking part in ballet, jazz and modern jazz. She would later participate in martial arts as well as study music.  


Photo credit: Maxim Magazine


Not only is this gorgeous woman a gifted performer but she’s also got the smarts. After finishing her master’s degree in International Relations at East Coast, Chen was given an opportunity to work on her first indie film and decided to take the leap and move to L.A., thus landing her several roles on numerous projects. 

Aside from owning the dance floors and discovering her passion for acting, Chen also added model to her long list of accomplishments, and with a glowing personality and a jaw-dropping physique who can blame her! Having two years of modeling experience under her belt, Chen has already appeared in numerous magazines and calendars as well as participated in various music videos. 


Photo credit: Maxim Magazine


Recently Chen admitted to a Q&A with Maxim that she feels sexiest when wearing a bikini and with a body like hers who wouldn’t!  She’s also commented to Entertainer of the Month that there is a very little difference when modeling lingerie or swimsuits. After all she does live in Southern California and is awfully fond of the warm weather and of course, the beach.


But it’s not all fun and games to Chen. She is motivated and dedicated to keeping her body in tip-top shape by performing aggressive workout routines on a daily basis − knowing it plays a huge role in booking further projects. Although Chen knows what it takes to keep a well balanced body, she does have her guilty pleasures…cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries.


Photo credit: Maxim Magazine


There is no doubt Catherine Chen will achieve much success in her career. Look for her in upcoming projects this year. Given there is no better way to end this article, we leave you with her favorite quote. “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it's called the present.” –Kungfu Panda.


To keep up with Catherine Chen follow her on Twitter and visit her on Facebook and see her profile on IMBD.

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