Caroline Palmour - Living a Life of Honesty

 As a small child Caroline Palmour’s mission was to perform in all aspects.  Despite her very independent and spit fire personality, Caroline constantly entertained and did whatever she could to be a star in everyone’s eyes. 

Her much older sisters would rent her movies, which were perhaps a little too old for her at the time.  For hours and hours, she would sit in her room watch and memorize every line for each character of her favorite films; after which, she would only communicate with others as if she in fact was a character from the movie.  She acted out an odd collection: “To Kill A Mockingbird”, “Forrest Gump”, “Clueless”, and “Jerry Maguire”.  She always felt the need to be different and to never be associated with “the norm”.  It was clear that her greatest intention was to make everyone laugh and have a good time.

 Originally from Northeast Georgia, Caroline became active in sports, theatre, leadership groups, and more.  She worked hard to get through school and enter the world a few steps ahead. After graduating early, at age 17 Caroline moved to New York City.

She was accepted into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts New York where she enrolled in the two year program. Despite the conservatory’s advice, Caroline immediately began working and thrived in modeling, nightlife, product promotion and eventually as a corporate spokesperson.

 Upon graduation from AADA, Caroline enrolled in an intensive program at Marymount Manhattan College and completed her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations.

 Throughout her time in New York, Caroline was active in her community volunteering for Stop Child Trafficking Now and was also elected as the youngest ever vestry member of the Episcopal Church. Caroline values most her faith, family, living a life of honesty and always keeping an open mind when observing the world and others around her. She loves the outdoors, horseback riding, exercise, great food, red wine, hot sauce, flea markets, fur coats, traveling and meeting new people.

 Caroline recently moved to Los Angeles to take her acting career to the next level and is excited for this next phase of her life.  She is currently working with Global One Mgmt., Fit Models LA, and is seeking commercial representation, print, and a theatrical agent.

 Since being in Los Angeles, Caroline was cast in the New Stage production of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side. She has since worked on a Showtime Pilot titled Bliss, a series about the hardships of six young women working in a strip club owned by the mob.  She also portrayed a lipstick lesbian in the web series pilot, Our Single Lives, a comedy series about three girlfriends support one another as they try to find love through online dating.

 She has modeled a few designer campaigns here in LA. She also participates in showroom and print modeling.  She modeled for St. Tropez Sunless Tanning line, and works with, a fashion film site. 

 Caroline’s ideal roles are empowered women either in career or lifestyle hardships; female character types that exude strength in body, mind, or spirit. Some of Caroline’s biggest inspirations come from the positivity of mentors, family and friends. However she loves roles that have some meat, and maybe even evil personalities. 

Some of her favorite movies based on performances and character types from modern day are Girl Interrupted, White Oleander, Vanilla Sky, Underworld, Man on Fire, 300, The Town, Snow White and the Huntsman, Young Adult, Black Swan and on the lighter side most recently she really enjoyed Bridesmaids.  These characters were epic and drive her to one day earn a similar role.

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