Camilla Lim - Actress/ a.k.a Miss Korea USA 11

Camilla Lim- A.K.A Miss Korea USA 2011, is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She has been in love with the arts since she was a young child. Her lessons in Piano, Korean Traditional Flute, Drum playing helped her being more cultured person while her athletic participation in a wide variety of sports- Ice skating, Martial Arts (TaeKwonDo), Skiing, Swimming, Track) helped her build her endurance.


Camilla Lim


Camilla's evolution of the acting arena occurred when she sustained a knee injury as a competitive ballroom dancer. Desire for acting came about when, after years of competitive ballroom dancing, still wanting to perform and entertain, she decided acting would be the best way to express her passion of the art. During her dancing hiatus while rehabilitating from injury. Upon full physical recovery, Camilla realized she fell in love with acting and has pursued it with a passion ever since.


Camilla Lim


After successful castings in various theater productions at home, Camilla decided to move to the mecca of entertainment: Hollywood. She has been successfully cast in a number of projects (TV, Web, Music Video, Theater) while continuing to study the crafts she adores and its techniques of its masters (Meisner, Chekov, Stanislavski, Chubbuck).

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