"Brews Brothers", an exclusive interview with Kevin Mounce


Kevin Mounce





Kevin Mounce of "Brews Brothers" sat down with us today at Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions in Hollywood to discuss his upcoming film:


1.   Did you have a particular role model or famous producer that inspired you to write your own film?  Not really.  I watched Good Will Hunting one night, read the script online and naively thought, "I can do that."  Sometimes my ignorance is dazzling.

2.   What do you look for in a screenplay or story you’re producing?  I love simple stories with characters I can identify with.  If the plot is too complicated, I get lost, and if there's not at least one character I can relate to I'd rather just go listen to some Tupac.

3.   What advice can you give someone who is just starting out in the film business and interested in becoming a writer or producer? Move to L.A.  Go to events to make friends, not to "network."  Write every day.  And when you're ready to send out your script, write a killer query letter - short, sweet and make sure it matches the genre of your script.  In other words, if you write a comedy, make sure your query letter is funny.  If you can't write a funny query letter why should a producer believe you can write a funny script?  Lastly, be patient.  The anticipation and the journey is often more fun than the destination; especially if your destination is failure.

4.   Tell me about your activities outside of filmmaking? Outside of filmmaking, my activities revolve around family, friends and frolic.  Sometimes I do push-ups.

Kevin Mounce

5.   What was one of the most interesting surprises that you’ve discovered about Brian during making this film that you didn’t know before?  Brian is fearless.  He can rattle off twenty horrible ideas or lines and have me shoot them all down, but he will continue undeterred.  He will keep laying himself out there until he comes up with something great.  I was also surprised by the firmness of his hugs.  He's a hugger... and a writer.

6.   What got you interested in becoming a writer and what steps did you take to make that happen? Like I said, it was naïveté that got me into writing.  As far as steps that I took, I got the Movie Magic software, read everything I could get my hands on that related to screenwriting and watched a lot of movies.  After that, Brian and I  wrote several bad scripts (mostly Brian's fault) and then we wrote Brews.  A couple years ago I moved to L.A. - honestly, that was probably the most important step out of all of them.

Kevin Mounce

7.   What are common mistakes young filmmakers make? Trying to pattern themselves after someone else.  Find your own voice.  If you can't do that, however, then by all means, use someone else's.

8.   Can you talk us through how you will go about selecting your next project? Our next project will be the one that moves us in a primal way.  Or the one we think we can make the most money on.  Probably, the latter.  Yeah, the latter.

9.   When can we expect "Brews Brothers" on the big screen? 2014.  Bring your grandma.

Brian Beer, Kevin Mounce


Official website: www.brewsbrothersmovie.com

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