‘Booty of The Year’ Review

The Kentucky Center MEX Theatre

‘Booty of The Year’ is an exciting new edgy play that opens this weekend at the MEX at the KentuckyCenter for The Arts. Directed by Phillip Cherry and produced by Larry Muhammad, the cast includes Shane Woodson (Honey Boy), Ezzard Mosley (Big Man), Olivia Thompson (Nasty Girl) and Britt Mahan (Miss LongCar).
 ‘Booty of The Year’ is a sensational wrestling themed story that unfolds around ‘Honey Boy’ and the provocative twist and turns of fame in the sexy entertaining world called wrestling.


Shane Woodson as 'Honey Boy' in 'Booty of the Year'.

‘Honey Boy’ is played perfectly by Los Angeles actor Shane Woodson whose 20+ years in show business is demonstrated effortlessly in his role as a ring announcer and co-female wrestling promoter. Although college educated, ‘Honey Boy’, has many inner struggles and enjoys being a bad boy. Unable to satisfy his thirst for excitement, ‘Honey Boy’, finds himself drawn to pro-wrestling where he is a favorite with the fans, and most importantly, the ladies. As fame builds, so does the pressures that come along with it. Desperate for money to pay his rent and satisfy his thirsts, ‘Honey Boy’ turns to robbing liquor stores. After getting caught and finding himself in jail, ‘Honey Boy’, is sprung loose by ladies wrestling promoter ‘Big Man’ (Ezzard Mosley). The two form an instant bond and partnership, with ‘Honey Boy’ becoming a noteworthy ring announcer. Along the way ‘Honey Boy’ discovers, falls in love with, and marries female wrestler ‘Nasty Girl’ (Olivia Thompson), who later herself becomes a drug/alcohol addict. Unable to control her addictions, ‘Nasty Girl’, falls out of everyone's graces. Making things even more complicated, ‘Honey Boy’, then falls in love with his wife's sister ‘Miss Longcar’ (Britt Mahan), whom he may have impregnated. Who knows how ring announcer, loverboy and  liquior store robber ‘Honey Boy’ will resolve this one! Come find out! Audience members will be treated to this fantastic original entertaining screenplay by Cisco Montgomery.   


Shane Woodson has starred or co-starred in over 75 motion pictures, television shows, commercials, and stage productions.

Actor Shane Woodson

Shane recently Guest Starred on the CBS drama "Criminal Minds". Other credits include co-starring in "Road of No Return" with David Carradine, a starring role in "Cain and Abel" with Flavor Flav, and rec urring roles on "The Young & The Restless", "Passions," and "Las Vegas." Shane has supporting roles in "Zodiac", "Strange Fruit", and "Resident Evil: Extinction", and the upcoming release of the award winning Independent film "Barracuda", which he co-directed with producer/director Christy Oldham (www.barracudamovie.tv)


Award Winning Indie Feature film co directed by Shane Woodson and Christy Oldham. Barracuda will be released in January 2014 www.barracudamovie.tv

Shane Woodson as 'Dudley' in the Vigilante Thriller 'Barracuda'

Shane was last seen onstage in "The Dodge", a play he directed, which was written by Joseph Woodson Oglesby. The show received a Pulitzer Prize nomination. For more info, please visit: www.shanewoodson.com


Shane Woodson modeling for a clothing line in front of his vintage Moto Guzzi motorcycle in Los Angeles

“I've played a wide diversity of characters both onscreen and in stage productions but ‘Honey Boy’, is distinctly unique” says Mr. Woodson. “He has strong elements of good and bad. His greatest strengths are also his greatest weaknesses”.

The show opens Friday June 21st at 7:30 pm with a June 22nd performance at 7:30, and June 23rd performance (2:30 & 7:30pm) at the MEX at the KentuckyCenter for The Arts.

MEX at the KentuckyCenter for The Arts

501 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky

For ticket info, please visit: www.kentuckycenter.org




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