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Careful Social Networking Vs Dangerous Social Networking

By Vaibhav Jain

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Social networking is an intriguing concept when it comes to keeping in touch with our friends but it has its share of highs and lows which may not be foreseen by everyone.

Social networking will not be the same in the coming future as it is today. But with its overwhelming utilities and our addictive social networking habit, we find it easy to ignore its consequences. On a social site we can keep in touch with all our friends and can also search our long lost friends, keep in touch with our relatives who live in distance places. There are more reunions which would have been difficult without prior connecting which is mostly done online. But there are a few things we should always take care of while doing social networking.

Profile: Our profile reflects our own self. It is our own niche for expressing our thoughts, feelings and our lifestyle. So before choosing a social site for networking we should check the features it provides through which we can groom our profiles and present ourselves in the best possible way. It should be easy to use and still reflect our profile in finest way. Best social networking site puts strong emphasis on profile features and utility tools to enhance the convenience of their users. 

Security: Internet is very useful yet the most dangerous place to share our personal information. All social networking sites should provide multiple options to set our profile information private or partially visible or accessible to members of our choice only. We should have a certain degree of control over our own profile and personal information sharing. Personal information sharing with third parties can be dangerous for users as it did happen on facebook sometime back and it damaged the reputation of facebook heavily as well as offended the faith of its users.

Networking Features:  Social networking should not be limited to just profile sharing and updating photos. There are many features which when done along with social networking enhances the utility of online networking and are also fun to do. Additional feature should include video uploads, portfolio sharing, business networking, buy and sell, career & jobs etc.

Search: Social networking is aimed at expanding our network of connections for which search feature or tool is indispensable. Through search feature, users will be able to search and connect with their long lost friends and relatives, relevant professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen for their all round network development.

Help & Support: Nowadays everyone is quite aware about the functioning of social networking sites but still there may come up issues in a Business site about which a user may require help and support for understanding it. So there should always be a way out to connect to the webmasters where users can get answers to their queries.

A social networking site which provides all these facilities and keeps a good check on its user’s security is the one to go for when it comes to secure Entertainment Site. After all we all want to be in a safe environment and not just be inundated with unwanted spam friend requests.

Published on May 07, 2012

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