Benjamin Walter - Behind Pink Zone's Mastermind

Fresh from wrapping his latest film, Pink Zone, French-born director Benjamin Walter is quickly becoming one of Tinsel Town’s most promising up-and-coming directors.

Shortly after receiving the go-ahead from UCLA administrators, Walter was able to complete his thesis film, Pink Zone, in an astounding 12 days! And not to mention, being dubbed as the only low-budget indie director to film on one of Los Angeles’ most beloved campuses doesn’t hurt.

Benjamin Walter on the green carpet for the Dances With Films Festival at the Chinese Theatre.

Deriving inspirations from 80s blockbusters like The Breakfast Club, Walter appreciates the simplicity in story telling along with pastel color pallets and clothing the 80s era had to offer the cinema.

Aside from being stimulated by one of his favorite directors, John Hughes, Walter was also highly motivated by the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, which he says was used as a focal point for Pink Zone. 

Pink Zone's cast and crew at Dances With Films Festival. Left to right: Todd Bartoo (producer), Benjamin Walter (director), Matt Cooper (playing Dad), Jayna Sweet (lead actress playing Emily), Ava Ames (playing young Emily), Brandon Burrows (playing guard), Courtney Welbon (playing Megan) and Tiago Felizardo (playing Vince).

The main part of the film which stuck with Walter − as he refers to it as a “powerful image”− is when the main character, Aurora, pricks her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle casting her under a spell. The colors, the music, and the suspense during that scene would stay with Walter for the rest of his life, lingering as inspiration. As Walter puts it “It stuck with me…more than any other action film.”

It was that exact scene where the idea would surge to Walter to give Pink Zone a truly unique twist taking the female characters in a downward spiral of sweetness and ignorant purity to a dark and tragic setting where women are on the verge of extinction in 2026 due to a deadly kissing virus transmitted by men.    

Director Benjamin Walter on set of Pink Zone with actresses on UCLA campus on August 2013.


Although Walter’s “modern fairytale” Pink Zone was a better fit for the Sci-fi genre, his documentary film style came into play as soon as the storyline was chosen.

After graduating from the school of Journalism of La Sorbonne in Paris, Walterfocused his attention for Documentaries which he included as a distinct film style into Pink Zone by personally using a hand held camera to accurately capture specific angles. 

The Pink Zone stands within the deserted streets of West Los Angeles.


Since its Hollywood premiere at the Chinese Theatre, Pink Zone has quickly gained notice by various film festivals around the world including its Action On Film International Film Festival, Dances with Films and was recently selected as an official selection at the Razor Reel Flanders Film Festival in Bruges, Belgium.

Walter says he is “proud of the film” and mentions it was an incredible learning experience to move out of his comfort zone and work with new genres. He is currently working on his next film, which will be a crime drama.

Two of the female characters who survived the virus. Tara Leahy, left and Violet Leona Paley, right.

As a very passionate director he hopes to “keep telling stories and keep making movies” believing the bond people share while watching a film is a beautiful moment.   

For more information on Benjamin Walter visit him on Facebook and stay updated on the film at Pink Zone’s official website


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