Bai Ling - Born to Act and Made to Model


Voted as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People magazine, there is no doubt about Bai Ling’s exquisite appearance. Although her gorgeous looks provide enough to captivate one, her acting, modeling and production skills prove to be the cherry on top on a remarkably talented woman. 


Model Bai Ling in a Mark Roscoe gown. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.


Chinese-born American actress, Bai Ling has had her share of Hollywood performances. Having co-starred in films with impeccable casts, she’s worked alongside of Richard Gere in Red Corner, Will Smith in Wild Wild West, Jodie Foster in Anna and the King, and Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain World of Tomorrow, and as many may recognize her from Crank 2 where she worked with Jason Statham. Aside from her amazing co-stars Ling has also worked under some of Hollywood’s most praised directors/producers such as George Lucas in Star Wars III – Revenge of the Sith, Spike Lee in She Hates Me, and Alex Proya’s The Crow. Ling has also worked on hit TV shows like Entourage and Lost where she’s played sexy, mysterious and exhilarating roles and also took part in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew during its fifth season in 2011 where she was recovering from an alcohol addiction.


This free-spirited beauty also likes to dabble with production, having produced the film Shanghai Baby, along with short clips she’s included on her website. Her adoration for acting has proven to be favorable having won the Asian Oscar for her performance in Dumplings, the Discovery Star awarded to her by the Hollywood Women’s Press Club and also having won the Breakthrough Performance Award by the National Board of Review. Although Ling has displayed her incredible acting skills quite profoundly, she’s also exhibited her good looks with modeling.


Model Bai Ling in a Mark Roscoe gown. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.


Ling is undoubtedly a neck-breaker with her looks alone, but her bold, classy and truly unique fashion sense has managed to turn every head wherever she may be. Regularly being photographed outside some of Hollywood’s prominent landmarks and on red carpets, Ling also is sought out by designers and photographers. Her lean body with long slender legs, and not to mention a gorgeous face, makes her a true show-stopper in the fashion world.


Born in 1966 in the People’s Republic of China, in Chengdu, Ling was exposed to art at an early age by her parents. Although she describes herself as being a shy child, Ling says she was able to express herself through performing and acting. Her first taste of performance acting came when she was involved in eight model plays during the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976 at her elementary school. Ling later joined the People’s Art Theater of Chengdu where she became a professional actress. During her time spent with the People’s Art Theater she performed as a young man in the Yuequin and Little Tiger stage play, which caught the attention of movie director Teng Wenji, which would later land her a role on the film On the Beach in 1985. Ling later moved to New York in 1991 to study in the New York University’s film department.


Model Bai Ling in a Mark Roscoe gown. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.


Bai Ling’s upcoming projects in 2014 include: Call Me King, The Key, Behind Locked Doors, and Coachella Massacre. Ling will most definitely further her career as a talented actress and continue awing us as a model


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