Ashley Roberts - Actress Inspired by Sandra Bullock

Ashley Roberts is a 21 year old model and actress from Houston, TX. Growing up she was the athletic girl in the family and never expected she would end up in the fashion or entertainment industry. As a young tomboy she was often wanting to wear her basketball shoes and shorts always trying to stay away from the pink and feminine wardrobe most of the girls her age possessed.

She always saw Sandra Bullock as somewhat of an inspiration. Sandra was independent and hard working, influencing Ashley to want to inspire other young girls and be a role model that shows them that their imperfections are what make you unique and they can help you become successful.

Once in college, she started trying to explore the more creative options she had,. The fall of 2011 she began doing test shoots to see if she had what it took and to see if she found enjoyment in fashion. Talking to an agency for some time, Ashley decided to go a different path and start her career in free-lance, giving her the choice of specializing in fashion, editorial, beauty, and lifestyle.

In school studying french cinema, she was also intrigued by the complexity of bringing a character to life and it gave her the drive to really want to go into film. The fulfillment for her to create the characters in her own unique way for others to enjoy is what makes working hard worth it.

What really gave her the motivation was her friends in college who pushed her to want to contribute with their work as well. They came up with KrooLuhv, the clothing line started by Sweet Tooth Productions, which gave her the experience of working on diverse projects and collaborating with photographers, videographers, and other models as well has helped Ashley see the work it takes to really be successful in what you are passionate about.

Making someones creation in fashion and photography and bringing it to life for the client is one of the foremost things that Ashley likes about working in the industry. Developing her talents and diving deeper into her career has pushed her to work harder and become better in every aspect of her work and her life.

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