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Ruth Annabella Street was born in Washington state and began her life traveling the world.  At the age of four her and her family moved to Germany and lived there for four years.  During this time Annabella fell in love with the fine arts. As her passion and interests in the arts grew she discovered modeling.  Annabella found herself longing to model, to act and to sing.

At an early age Annabella had dedicated herself to becoming a star and set her focus on one day living her dream.  When she was thirteen she was surprised by her school teachers who had submitted her to Miss Teen of America and was to compete for Miss Teen of Washington State.  When Annabella was of age she moved herself to Southern California and it is there where she has been living out her dream.  Annabella has now modeled for many different swimwear lines, clothing lines and jewelry lines.  She has walked in several runway shows and lives for photo shoots.  She is a signed model now living in Orange County, CA.    

Photo By: Christian Sosa


When Annabella is not modeling she enjoys styling men's wardrobes with a company called JHilburn.  She spends her free time volunteering at the local foster homes in her community, taking care her three dogs and caring for three beautiful boys.  Ask Annabella what is most important in life and she will tell you this, "Treasure your relationships, give back always and not under any circumstance take your eyes off of your goals in life.  We are all given a talent in life, use it, run with it and watch it grow.  You can never regret following your dreams, the only regret would be in not chasing it."

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Photo By: Greg Christensen

Photo By: Greg Christensen


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