Anna Easteden - Emerging International Star

You may be wondering how this “emerging international star” got her start. Well, in the most unlikely of all places, a farm. Anna Easteden was born and raised on her parents’ dairy farm in Finland. Her life was drastically changed at the tender age of twelve when she entered and won a national modeling contest. Shortly thereafter, Anna was catapulted unto the international stage when she landed a contract with a major Japanese modeling agency. This required her to leave her home and relocate to Tokyo, the first of her many travels.

Anna lived and worked in various Asian countries and appeared as a model in advertising campaigns for major brands such as Sony, Phillips, and Calvin Klein. Anna’s sultry look even got the attention of the comic book world where she has been the model for characters including Spiderman’s Major Jane, X-Men’s fearless Rogue and Colleen Wing from Daughters of the Dragon. “I must admit, being transformed into a comic book hero is a little different to regular acting or modeling work,” explains Anna.

Anna has proven however that her versatility goes beyond just being multilingual and gorgeous. She is actually an accomplished actress. Her acting talent was recognized at the Method Fest Film Festival when she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress-award for her portrayal of a soft-hearted hooker in Mika Kaurismaki’s lively Finnish comedy The House of Branching Love.

Anna has also captured guest appearance roles in other popular television series including Medium, Bones, and The Days of Our Lives. She even worked alongside Charlie Sheen in the now famous television series Two and a Half Men and is known for her role as supervillain “Beesting” in Stan Lee’s Who Wants to Be a Superhero? In Finland, Anna is also the host for Tv show "Wipeout Finland", a job she loves and has a lot of fun with. 

Anna is the perfect mix of all the right elements with the comedic personality of Tina Fey, the acting fortitude of Jodie Foster, and fiery red hair that rivals the manes of Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman. Or as IGN succinctly put it, Anna is a “fascinating uber-babe.”

Find more about Anna here or on IMDB here.  You can also follow her on Twitter here or on Facebook here.

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