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Amy Weber Bio

Beautiful actress and cover model Amy Weber has shown tremendous versatility in her many on-screen roles, which come from her years of hard work, study of her craft, and natural talent.

Amy Weber - photo by Josh Ryan

Amy’s easygoing nature and toned physique have led to a number of television roles- including the now-famous character of “Porcelain Bidet” on the hit FX series, “Son of the Beach.” Since her recurring role on the ABC soap “Port Charles” which helped launch her acting career, she has gone on to appear on hit shows such as “CSI”, “Seventh Heaven”, and “Pacific Blue” as well as “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” and “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Amy also was hand picked to star on the very popular WWE show “Smackdown” on UPN. Amy has also acted in a number of films- including appearances in films with Dylan McDermott, David Spade, Sean Penn, Whoopie Goldberg, Pauly Shore, Adam Corolla and Freddie Prince Jr. Through her company, Amy Weber Productions, she produced and starred in “The Strangers”, a travel show “Spa Adventures” and “In Da Cutz”, an Entertainment Wrap up show that she hosted as well. Amy also served as Associate Producer on “The Pumpkin Carver” in which she stars as well as Co-Producer of the Foreign Film, “What’s the Meaning of Love.” Amy used her Producing talents again to Produce “CrossRoad” ( an edgy faith based Feature Film that Amy also co-starred in.

Amy has been seen as the host of a number of popular projects, including an exciting reality-based Adventure show called “Getaway” for UPN, and the USA Network series called “Tens”, a variety show centered around the beach. 

Amy Weber

Her new show “Good Samaritans” in which she serves as Executive Producer, Co-creator and Host was tapped by DISH Network as well as ABC to Premier as a  “Special Edition Pilot” during the month of December 2010- the most popular month for television viewers. Her show reached approximately 40 million US households and is now airing on DISH TV as well as AMG-tv and is set to hit major Broadcasters February 2012. “Good Samaritans” puts ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances to see just how far they are willing to go to help their fellow man or woman. (
She was honored recently when asked to serve as a chair on the committee for “Red Light Children”  This is an incredibly serious issue that Amy is proud to lend her voice to.

Amy Weber

Amy also has been burning up the charts with her new single “Something Kinda Ooh.” Her hit song climbed the charts and ended up as top 100 Dance songs in 2010 alongside “Lady GaGa” and “Keisha.” It can been heard on “Music Choice” in over 90 million homes as well as stations around the country and world including countries such as France, Australia and Holland, Brazil and the UK. She just completed the music video for the song that has been requested by Promo Only to play in Night clubs around the globe. She is getting amazing feedback from AOL radio and she hit the Top 5 in the charts in the State of New Jersey- a true testament of the songs popularity even though the song was released late in the year. It is now available on Itunes, Rhapsody and CD Baby. Amy collaborated with Grammy winners “The Klubjumpers” as well as Madonna’s personal DJ the world famous Tracy Young
Amy just returned to the recording studio and released her single “Let it Rain” via Dauman Music/Digital Republic in April of 2012. The song shot up the Music Week Charts in the UK entering in at #32 and then Skyrocketing from #20 to #6 in a week. The song also just hit #4 on the US Billboard Breakout hits chart.

Amy recently completed her first book titled “An Insider’s Guide to Making it in Show Business.” She felt compelled to share her experiences with others not only as a successful actress, model, host and Producer but also as the owner of a very successful model/commercial agency that she built in Hollywood, CA and ran for 5 years booking models on campaigns with Martin Scorsese and famed photographer David La Chapelle just to name a few.
Amy was born in Peoria, Illinois and was raised in a small town right outside of Peoria called Mapleton. Her family relocated to Ocala, Florida just before her freshman year and in High School she was a varsity track and cross-country athlete as well as a member of her debate team and cheerleading squad. She was also an active member of the student body.
Amy has always loved the outdoors. She raced motorcycles as a child and spent many hours with animals of all shapes and sizes.
“I have always brought home stray animals- everything from squirrels to wild rabbits to foxes and turtles,” she says “I thought I could save them all!”


After attending a year of college as a psychology major at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Amy grew restless and decided to quit school to move to Los Angeles, and become an actress. 

Discovered shortly after she arrived in Southern California, Amy’s ability as a model immediately landed her numerous print ads and television commercials including work for the Miller Brewing Company. Wrigley’s, Chrysler, 7-UP and Nestea.
While her career as a model and host remains in full swing, Amy’s passion is acting. At the same time she enjoys Producing as well as writing. Be sure to keep an eye on Amy…

Her star is on the rise!


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