Allen Rueckert - Studied at UCB and Groundlings

Allen Rueckert has starred in TV sitcom pilots including Nosferajew and The Greatest American Hero: TFS as well as the feature films Excess Flesh and Worthy both to be released early next year.  


Originally born in the icy flatlands of Minnesota, Allen grew up loving Ghostbusters.  "I remember my favorite was Egon, because he was the smart one and he could solve all of the problems.   The first girl I ever kissed (when I was five) told me she liked Peter, because he was really funny.  This changed my perspective.  Girls like the funny guy", said Allen.   Since then he has loved making people laugh.  In fact, he got in trouble for doing skits on the morning announcements for his high school TV productions class, but still got an A!  He says the comedy icons who have influenced him the most over the years have been Bill Murray, Gene Wilder and Steve Martin.  
When he started studying with Chick Vennera at The Renegade Theater, Allen worked on expanding his range beyond comedy and it has payed off.  Recently he landed the role of a drugged out, abusive husband in the psychological thriller Excess Flesh.  
Allen recently wrapped up on writing and starring in the live sketch show Denim on Denim II: Roadhouse of Cards.  He has also studied at UCB and Groundlings.   

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