Aleksandra Kaniak - A Multi Talent Actress

Aleksandra Kaniak, born in Poland, began her career in entertainment at the age of 6 as a child singer winning awards which bring her traveling all over Eastern Europe. She loved traveling, exploring, and learning the languages of other cultures.

Aleksandra Kaniak

Fascinated with American literature and American culture, John Steinbeck and Edward Albee were her favorite American writers to name a couple. Her biggest dream was to move to the United States. Fighting the bureaucratic restrictions Eastern Europe is famous for, Aleksandra burst through and created a visit to Los Angeles. She fell in love with sunny California. The American culture was everything she has ever dreamed, and more.


In Love with Sunny California

Aleksandra started working in modeling and quickly discovered that her true passion is acting. While continuing to work in TV commercials and print she enrolled in acting schools studying with prestigious acting teachers like Vincent Chase, Cameron Thor, Larry Moss. She also studied acting techniques for instance commedia dell’arte, dance and movement, Alexander Techworks and Meisner. 

Acting roles followed quickly for Aleksandra. She debuted on American screens in “Three of Hearts” with William Baldwin and Kelly Lynch. She had numerous guest-starring parts on American TV series including “NYPD Blue” opposite Dennis Franz, “Beverly Hills 90210” opposite Jason Priestley, “24” opposite Kiefer Sutherland, “NCIS” and “The Event” opposite Jason Ritter.

Diamonds Are Forever

Aleksandra’s voice, with the mysterious and romantic European accent, is instantly engaging. Many find it unforgettable. Her voice-over work includes infamous Lt. Zofia from “Red Alerts” and Raven from “Cy-girls” as well as Rosetta Stone.

As Lt. Zofia

Eastern Europe Beauty

Continuing her love of linguistics, Aleksandra is also a licensed translator and a dialect coach. Working on the sets of “Worst Week”, “2 Broke Girls” with Jennifer Coolidge. On the set of “Water for Elephants” she had double duties; she played opposite Robert Pattison as “Mrs. Jankowski” and she was Pattison’s Polish dialect coach. On that set she had the opportunity to work with one of her favorite actors, a double Oscar winner Christoph Waltz and an amazing director Francis Lawrence, whose upcoming projects are “The Hunger Games.”

Aleksandra currently lives in Los Angeles. She travels the world on acting assignments and continues her passion of linguistics by actively providing translating services in the entertainment and legal industries.


Licensed Translator and Dialect Coached

Her new upcoming movie is an indie called “American Bistro” to be released soon and she can be seen on December 20th, 2013, guest starring in a highly popular NBC TV series “Grimm” playing a very powerful and memorable character. Not to be missed! 


Aleksandra is represented by her longtime agent Joel Kleinman (Baier Kleinman International) and Kimberly Buccieri from DPN Talent for voice-overs.

Be sure to stay up to date with Aleksandra’s credits and upcoming projects on IMDB pages, Facebook and Twitter.

Aleksandra Kaniak


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