Alana Hillen - A Talent Unleashed

Born Alana Kaiulani Hillen in the illustrious Honolulu, Hawaii; who knew this girl would grow up to be a woman that steals over the minds and hearts of the creative world. Growing up with a Hawaiian, German, Irish, and Welsh decent, Hillen was most accustom to the genuine aloha spirit. Hillen states,

 “My all-time favorite memory of living on the island was feeling the Aloha spirit and being surrounded by sincere family and friends on a daily basis.”

With the sudden climate change Hillen continued to spread the Aloha Spirit in Oregon, where her and her mother met people who were just as genuine.

With an education and training in Real Estate, Veterinary Radiology, and Paralegal Studies, Alana has worked in an array of different talents. Working on her recent big business venture, Alana has created a clothing line with the vision to remind people to always live their life like it could be their last. Alana also states,

” My dream of having a sincere, equal, and better world has given me the inspiration to make my brand.”

A brand created with such good intentions must have a name that fits, thus Studs & Idols was formulated. The name Studs & Idols was a well-constructed name with the meaning of good looking and admirable.  With a total of eight different styles and completed pattern samples, Ms. Hillen has put Studs & Idols on a brief hiatus until her search for investors are complete. Due to this minor setback Alana has channeled her energy on several recent projects.

Alana’s recent projects have included co-producing a reality series called “Happee, which talks of the current social state of happy people in L.A.; modeling; and working as a sales representative with “Donatella” clothing line out of Miami, Fl. This is only the beginning of great things to come from Alana Hillen.



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