Aida King, Model/Actress - Talks Inspiration, and Defining her Goals

During an interview with Doug Turner of Merci Magazine Aida had these things to say:

Q. Aida, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and how you got to where you are today. 

A. Well I was born in Toronto Ontario, Canada. My parents immigrated to Canada from the Philippines naturally before I was born. I have two older sisters and an older brother, so am the last.....I went to Parkdale Collegiate High School in downtown Toronto and developed a passion & preoccupation with music. I became an accomplished violinist, and talented vocalist, and as anyone knows, who has been part of an orchestra, the experience taught me about structure, cooperation, collaboration & emotion. As a Concert Master I could identify with the concept of structured collaboration, while still being accomplished individually in my given discipline. I probably should have pursued the arts in University but under parental guidance choose the practical route of Business Marketing. As marketing is the most creative aspect of business I was satisfied at the time. I still however had an interest in pursuing my interests in the Arts, I just was not certain at the time how that opportunity would present itself. How I got to where I am today ......well luck I presume, but I realize more than ever, that you make your own luck. My husband often tells me that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. And I would have to agree.


Q. You are obviously extremely photogenic, when did you realize you could model?

A.  I don't know if I realized I could model per say.....I dabbled in high school with it, got the head shots done, learned how to walk down a runway.....that sort of stuff.....but as I said before.....I went to University and never really realized the potential of that opportunity at the time. Being photogenic....well....I can't take credit for that......that goes to my parents....just good genes that's all. 


Q. A Degree in Business Marketing from Ryerson University, that's a far cry from Modelling & Acting! How did you make the transition? 

A. For me to answer that question in it's entirety would probably take up another interview, but the short of it is, I was on vacation in Hollywood and got discovered. I saw the whole experience as an opportunity to get back in touch with the preoccupation I had with all things Arts. And since then, my management team has pushed me to explore what's possible. With the help of my team, and my husband, I completed a 3 month Acting Program at Aaron Speiser School of Acting in Los Angeles, have memorized and read monologues in front of talent agencies and completed screen tests in different accents, and now started to develop an online fan base as part of a soft launch of myself.


Q. Would you say Aida, that the transition has been easy, or what do you see as the challenges so far since you have come full circle?

A. Well nothing in life is easy. Negativity from others is just par for the course, particularly when people don't really know you. For me, this has been my WALTER MITTY those who watched the movie......we all have passions and sometimes we don't know that we actually may be very good at making those passions a reality. I certainly have....another thing is that as long as you are positive, generous, and truly giving, I believe you get back what you give and you are who you attract in your life. I have had the good fortune of attracting people who genuinely have an interest in helping me......for whatever without their support, and the support of my husband and family, I would not be where I am today.


Q. Clearly Aida, you are grounded, which is important in Hollywood, what's on the agenda for you coming up?

A. I am shooting an independent movie in Canada next year, and doing an HBO pilot, King Kamehameha, as well, and will be auditioning for many more parts now that a lot of roles have opened up for multi ethnic actresses. As far as modelling goes, my management team has me doing product placement for advertisers in the new year and we will see what the future holds there.....possibly runway stuff! 


Q. Aida where do you draw your inspiration from & what are your goals in this business?

A. My inspiration comes from within, and my husband, family and friends specifically. I mean without the arrogance, because that's not a Canadian trait, you have to be confident in yourself, particularly confident about what's possible. Recently Zoe Saldana said in an interview that women need to use their minds more than their beauty in this business. And I believe that is so true. My inspiration has come from within, but it must have substance, and I am a firm believer in ADVANCING oneself intellectually and challenging ourselves to be more in touch with our communication skills. Put down the phone....for example, and learn how to converse, how to listen, how to respect......people should draw their inspirations from people they meet.....we are the sum total of all our experiences in life.....we just have to make those experiences count for something in our lives. My goals in this business, are actually pretty simple.....continue to PROGRESS, continue to WORK at my crafts, continue to NETWORK, and continue to be GRATEFUL. It's taken me this far for this long, so I will stick with it. I have met so many Directors, Producers and truly nice people in this business, contrary to sometimes what's purported about Hollywood, and I know without those people I would not be where I am professionally in this business in such a short period of time. There is no substitute for saying......thank you very much.....or I am so genuinely grateful.....


Q. Aida thank you for the interview we look forward to following your career.....

A. It's my pleasure....thank you.




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