Actress and Model Samantha Kelly is making wave in a new surfing film.

When actress Kate Bosworth prepared for her role as the female surfer in Blue Crush, she had to put in extensive hours learning how to surf the waves. Now another actress, Samantha Kelly, is following Bosworths footsteps along the beach in the upcoming surf/beach lifestyle film “Bug Out;” currently going into production.


Meet Samantha Kelly, a real Southern California golden girl who hails from one of the hottest spots for surfing, Santa Barbara. There, she currently goes to college at the UC Santa Barbara. Before landing a leading role as one of the ‘surfer girls’ in the feature, Samantha has demonstrated a diverse selection of passions ranging from musical theater, yoga, international law, and now is expressing her interest in catching waves! Thats right, she can now be seen over the summer charging into the beach and taking surf lessons as she gets ready to co-star in the movie with real Roxy Pro-Surfer Nikki Visens.


Like Bosworth, Samantha was not a professional surfer before landing this role, but she is gearing-up for the film by spending time with real professional surfers like Nikki Viesens and doubling up on surfing lessons in Santa Barbara and Huntington Beach.


Samantha plays Roxy, a young woman in 20s and model who lives the ultimate dream as a surfer in a Malibu beach house with a group of friends. Together their lives are changed forever when they encounter mysterious lights in the sky on a surfing trip.


“The role definitely has its challenges, I have to prepare physically to slip into  a wetsuit to play a female surfer role while at the same time also mentally immerse myself to play the character of  a girl with boyfriend problems and her best friend caught up in a drug addiction,” said Kelly about her role.“I definitely loved Blue Crush and really admire how actresses like Michelle Rodriquez, and Kate Bosworth spent several months preparing for their roles as surfers.”


About Bug Out:

Think "Fast and The Furious" meets "Blue Crush"


Young friends are living in a beach house in Malibu, reconnecting after 2 years out of high school. Life changes when they encounter an unexplainable phenomenon on a surf trip.


Plot Outline

A group of young people are living in a beach house in Malibu, reconnecting after several years out of high school. Life changes for them all when they encounter mysterious bright lights hovering over the ocean on a surf trip, leading the friends down a whole new world of mystery and conspiracies, from faceless cyber hackers who stalk them to a shadowy network that may be communicating with E.T.'s. With no place left to hide, they may have to choose to “bug out” and head to a survivalist camp to escape what is coming. Based on real life events.

Quote from Nikki Visens: “I am stoked to be part of this upcoming film and excited to see someone like Samantha take her role as a surfer seriously.”

About Samantha Kelly:


About  Bug Out:

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