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Rahul Nath Review - Up and Coming Actor Tells How Hollywood is Treating Him

By Amanda Cortez

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Rahul Nath

Rahul Nath says acting has been like a roller coaster ride that never ends.

"There is always something to do. If you’re not training, then you’re auditioning. If you’re not doing that then you’re shooting.  Twenty-four hours in a day just do not seem enough anymore,” said Nath.

And to think seven months ago, Rahul Nath was Doctor Rahul Nath.  

“I always get asked this question and I guess the best way to answer is to be honest.  You have one life so why not live it the way you want it to be, otherwise what is the point of living.” said Rahul.

Rahul loved being a dental surgeon for that phase of his life, but he loves being an actor as well. There came a point when Rahul had to make a decision on what route he was going to take and after a lot of soul searching, he knew that acting was to be the prominent career. The actor’s parents were a bit disappointed because they felt that he wasted the last 5-6 years of his life on a qualification that he only used for a short time. 

But no matter how strange it may seem to someone, he would never have become an actor, if he wasn’t a dentist first.  

“Being a dentist taught me to be disciplined, hard working, and above all, how to deal with success and failure, said Nath.  “It also grounds you so that you don’t float into the clouds when you do very well at something, said Nath.

Rahul Nath

Since Nath arrived in Los Angeles, he believes someone has been watching over him. He has had the opportunity to work with great directors and has managed to do some very interesting projects. At present, Nath has a TV pilot that he’s excited about called The After-Lyfes, which will begin shooting next month. Then there are two other major projects which are in the works: one based on human trafficking and the other a pilot which is in the very initial stages called Secrets.  

Secrets is based in and around Los Angeles on friends and families that are all interconnected by some sort of secrets.  

“I can’t wait for this to come to the screen. I am sure that this will do very well with the audiences, said Nath. “Yes I would love to tell the secret, but then that’s the whole point of the show!” said Nath.

“The human trafficking project is somewhat at the other end of the spectrum. There are some very hard hitting scenes and I guess what will make this resonate with the audience more is that it is not just a film, it actually happens. When reading the script, I realized that I am going to have to really push my self as an actor to get into the character,” said Nath.   

Rahul Nath

Before the actor came to Hollywood, he heard many horror stories. But since he’s been here, he hasn’t encountered any negative experiences. All the people he’s interacted with have been, kind, helpful and very down to earth.  

“If you go looking for bad things, then I guess they will happen.  In this profession, you have to remain very positive in your thinking, if you let one negative thought bring you down then you need to consider whether you want to be an entertainer,” said the actor.

Mr. Nath loves acting because it makes him understand so much about the world and people. “As far as fame goes, well that is just the by product,” said Nath.

Nath has always maintained that training is an essential part of an actor wherever they are in their career. He admits that he owes a lot to all the teachers and staff at Stella Adler Los Angeles – A Conservatory for Actors - who have helped immensely in his acting and continue to be a great support in all aspects.

“When I look back to how I was when I first started, I can see the exponential growth that has occurred with my acting instrument. I learned so much from teachers like Chris Thornton who really made me come out of my comfort zone and Tim Mcneil, who made realize that acting is not a walk in the park."

Nath continues with excitement, “My happiest outcome has been training with Ron Burrus in his on camera and script breakdown class," said Nath. "It was during my time with him that I managed to bag my pilot The After Lyfes.”

The actor speaks with great conviction, “There is no way that I would have done that alone and all I can say is take his class and you will know why!”  

Nath begins shooting the TV pilot The After Lyfes in Oct 2008; Indian Traffic in Nov 2008; and his controversial TV pilot Secrets in Jan 2009

Here is wishing the actor great success as he continues to climb the ladder of Hollywood with his unique and extraordinary ability. Furthermore, here is hoping we find out his “secret” very soon!
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Published on Dec 31, 1969

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