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It takes a lot of work to be a good actor and the best actors learn to get out there and network.  Veteran independent filmmaker, Suzanne DeLaurentiis introduced her new group of mentees at the 2009 Cinema City Film Festival.  The mentorship program, now in it's second season, was launched as a vehicle to assist up and coming actors who are serious and passionate about their career goals.  .  

Suzanne's classes focus on preparation for auditions, cold reading, finding the right agent and networking with key principals within the film industry.  "Our scholarship program helps to offset the cost fo the classes." 

Catherine Tallichet

Catherine Tallichet is the youngest talent in the program. This mature twelve and versatile year old has played roles for an older teen.  Catherine began acting when she was two years old.  While studying ballet and tap, she realized she liked to sing and dance.  Her heroine was old time star, Shirley Temple. 

Catherine studied under Gary Spatz while attending Roan Hills Country Day School in San Pedro, California  A good student, she loves history, especially reading about her Peruvian cultural heritage.  She loves being an actor because “you can make the character a part of yourself.  It all depends on the choices you make for that character on how you are going to react.”  Having just left her agent, Catherine is currently unrepresented.  

Sharon Ryan

Sharon Ryan, one of the more mature actors is an American Airlines flight attendant who became SAG in 1992.  She had been in a wide variety of commercials and television shows.  Sharon grew up in Chicago and hopes that her training as a school psychologist will help her land a role perhaps as a character in the medical profession.  After a brief hiatus from the film industry, Sharon decided to return and parpre to audition for women's roles such as on the Lifetime Television and the Hallmark Channel.  Sharon has always had the support of her family, including her nephew, actor Scott Caan.  She is currently looking for an agent. 

I found out about Suzanne’s mentorship program through an ad in Back stage West and we hit it off immediately. 

Jesse Cyr

Jesse Cyr was born in Maine’s Lisbon Falls.  Realizing in high school that acting was his passion, he chose to attend University of Wisconsin at Steven’s Point where he received a BFA and then he moved to California. Jesse has the motivation and confidence to move forward in his career.   Deborah Hayter saw something special in Jesse and introduced him to Suzanne DeLaurentiis.  “I’m so excited about this program and so is my whole family.” Jesse’s goal is to do gritty drama.  “I’m not really a comic guy.”  His favorite thing about acting is preparing for the roles and doing the research on the characters.  “I want people to believe that I can be that person.”  In his spare time, Jesse does guitar and martial arts.  

Madalon and Nadalon Formy

Twins Madalon and Nadalon Formby met Deborah Hayter at a red carpet event.  "I saw these two interesting young ladies and decided to bring them to meet Suzanne."    Born in Monrovia, (the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley), the twins spent hours imagining themselves in various television shows and spent hours watching.  Dedicated to success as actors, the girls say that they are determined to “do what it takes.  Nothing else seemed right for us.”  When not busy practicing their acting technique, they enjoy writing songs and working out.  “Most of things we do in tandem.  We’re pretty much the same personality.”  In the few weeks they have been with Suzanne’s program, they’ve already been out on several auditions. 

Robin Cho

Cute as a button, Robin Cho is the star of the award winning film “Deceit” about a Vietnamese girl that fools three soldiers.  Born and raised in Palos Verdes, California, Robin and her sister recently returned from South Korea, the birthplace of her parents.  "I am proud of my Korean heritage and hope there will be an opportunity to film there."  Both Robin and her sister, Pauline, have worked in commercials. She is represented by the House Of Representatives and is a straight A student at the magnet middle school for the performing arts. 

Deborah Rombaut

Belgian born, bilingual Deborah Rombaut has been in Los Angeles for three years working successfully as an actor when she decided to audition for the program.  "I'm excited about having a well known mentor like Suzanne.  When someone like that is willing to show you the ropes, you jump at the opportunity.

Deborah has appeared on stages all over Europe, as well as here in the States.  She decided when she was 12 that acting was going to be her profession.  “I just feel so alive when I do it.”   A frequent performer in choir and opera, Deborah loves singing, as well as acting.  In between her work on stage, Deborah works as a spokesperson for various conventions and works to improve her multi language, multi accent.  Right now she can speak American, French, Russian, British, New York, and Southern. She wants to learn German and Scand avian accents since she is often cast in those roles.  Deborah is proud to be represented by Avalon Artists. 

Paul DiVitto

“If anyone ever asked me about giving up acting, I would have to tell them they are nuts,” Paul Divito says.  He met Suzanne when he offered to become a judge for her Cinema City Film Festival and after seeing how happy the other mentees were, inquired about the group.  

Paul began acting professionally four years ago. Trained in Manhattan, he moved to Los Angeles in 2008.   Currently, Paul is a celebrity bodyguard and has taken specialty classes from the FBI and Secret Service.  When he’s not at his craft, Paul enjoys working out and learning different cultures, which will better prepare for more diverse roles. 

Represented by Roger Orion and Diversified Management, Paul’s skills include working as an EMT, Israeli self defense, scuba, and stunt driving.  “You have to believe in yourself and never give up.  If it is something you want, you have to go for it.  

for more information about the mentorship program contact Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions at 818 754 1953 0r write 4400 Irvine #10,. Studio City CA 91604

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