35th Annual Natural Products Expo West – Another Record-Setting Event for the Organic World

The 35th Annual Natural Products Expo West once again set an attendance record with over 71,000 industry members attending the five day extravaganza held at the Anaheim Convention Center. New companies, new products and new ideas were plentiful during Expo West and once again attendees left wishing the event was longer as there was not enough time to take it all in.

Early Morning Yoga at Expo West

Natural Products Expo West is always about taking the next step in the evolution of natural, organic and healthy products. While the market has exploded in terms of products and sales, the next step this would be backing up what is on the label and providing more research in terms of the benefits of eating organic food.

As the consumer becomes more educated, they are looking for a label that they can trust, one that is willing to back up their label with research and documentation. With products being more transparent and putting the money into independent research and studies, consumers can feel better about what they are purchasing and putting into their bodies. In addition studies continue to further support supporting the benefits of organically grown foods.

While Expo West is home to new products every year, the success of this event is shown in the returning companies. You see so many returning faces and companies they feel like old friends and it is always amazing to see companies that just a short time ago had small booths and were trying to introduce themselves to the world and now they have incredible designs and booths that are simply a sight to be seen. That shows the power of Expo West, if you create a great product and you put the time and effort to share it and are passionate about it, you can use this tool to succeed.

One such company produced ur favorite new product of Expo West 2015. It came from Daiya, a company that is certainly not new to this venue and one that just continues to grow and flourish. Daiya has revolutionized the way that people eat nachos, grilled cheese and allowed you to enjoy cream cheese once again. This year they introduced their line of cheezecakes and once again, Daiya did not disappoint. The New York style cheezecake is infused with real vanilla and has the richness that you expect from a typical cheesecake, managing to incorporate all of the flavor and the texture in the classic version in a non-dairy format.


Daiya Cheesecake

Sprout Organic Foods and Chef Tyler Florence were introducing their new products that are the first baby food with no acid preservatives in its products that will help prevent stomach upset and other problems for young children. This was the next step for Sprout as a way to improve on their already completely organic and free of GMOs, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and other additives baby food line.

“We always want to be out in front and a leader in the health and nutrition category and talk about great solutions for moms,” Chef Tyler commented. “Commercial acidifiers aren’t there for flavor they are there for ph balance and the byproduct of overly aggressive acidifiers is acid reflux and diaper rash in children and it is unpleasant for toddlers. We know what we are about and we are always on a quest to make it better.”

The new Sprout squeezable snacks without added acid preservatives come in a variety of fruit and vegetable varieties as well as rise smoothies that are a great protein source to start the day and feature great flavors such as; summer berry yogurt and tropical mango yogurt.

“We are at the dawn of the age of enlightenment about food and nutrition, understanding who we are and what we eat, food is medicine, we can prevent slow agonizing aging, we will learn to live to be 100. 100 will be the new 70 were you can maintain a much healthier lifestyle just by being aware,” Chef Tyler said. “I encourage people to become citizen scientists by getting a blood work done. Dive into the allergens that might not be as obvious as shellfish or nut allergy, you work on an elimination diet for a few weeks, it is so liberating you immediately become a smarter person about yourself, at the end of the day no one is going to help you. If you understand your blood you have a roadmap of how you should eat.”

Chef Tyler also commented that if you are looking to change your palate it can be done in as little as 3-5 days. For more information visit Sprout Organic Foods.

Chef Tyler Florence with Sprout

Lightlife®, already known as America’s #1 refrigerated meat alternative brand, launched three new products at Expo West. Perfect for those of you who like to have a backyard barbeque but want to do so in a healthy and tasty way, Lightlife has created their Original Burger with Quinoa and Black Bean Burger along with the Harvest Apple Smart Sausage. The Black Bean burger tossed on a grill and topped with some lettuce, ketchup and mustard will please any burger fan while the Apple Smart Sausage elevates the flavor profile of a typical sausage to make it a more enticing alternative. All three are high in protein while giving you a low-fat and lower calorie alternative. For more information visit: Lightlife®

Zevia, already well known for their zero-calorie soda, introduced the first ever zero-calorie tonic water and a zero-calorie in apple and pear sparkling juice drink as they continue to grow their product line. Whether it is straight out of the can or to celebrate or mix to create and adult cocktail, Zevia has become the only zero-calorie drink that you should have in your house.

"It took us 20 years to get the formula right, but what is great about this category and this product is it's all about enjoyment. Why do people drink soda, flavor, bubbles and having fun so if you can have a soda that offers all of that enjoyment without artificial sweeteners and ingredients that people don't like you have a winner, Zevia makes for an easy switch from traditional diet soda," Zevia CEO Paddy Spence said. "This is my 24th Expo West and the biggest change is that these products are no longer considered fringe products, 47% of homes have a stevia product so this is really a mainstream phenomenon."

For more information, visit: Zevia

Zevia Happy Hour

A large focus of Expo West is on the area of food, but just as important is what you put on your skin. The only thing more confusing to read these days than a food label are moisturizer and sunscreen labels. To make sure your skin is not only cared for, but that what makes its way into your pores is not going to be bad for you, Joshua Tree Skin Care was showcasing their line of organic lip balms, healing salves, face sticks and sunscreen. Joshua Tree was created with the active outdoor person in mind, so you know if it can stand up to that lifestyle it is perfect for everyday use as well. The sunscreen features micro zinc oxide and then is loaded with certified organic ingredients such as; jojoba oil, beeswax, aloe and vitamin E oil and a number of other great ingredients that help to make sure your skin is protected and hydrated. Once your workout is done or if your body is just starting to feel those everyday aches and pains, Joshua Tree created Arnica Arthritis just for you. Combining arnica and bergamot to relieve joint and muscle pain, this concentrated formula begins with slow roasting whole arnica flowers for two weeks to extract the anti-inflammatory Helenalin that really makes this product work. Again, this product is loaded with certified organic ingredients so you will not only feel better after using it, but you will safe every time that you use it. For more information visit: Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree

Juicing seemingly has grown as quickly as Expo West and while there are now a number of different companies juicing, Suja Juice is always at the head of the pack when it comes to cold-pressured beverages. This year Suja was introducing some new flavors to their already impressive line of organic juices that are made with non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Some refreshing and unique flavors went into the Carrot Crush and Uber Greens. The Carrot Crush gives you the natural and subtle sweetness with the combination of carrot and apple and the citrus of orange and lime and then is finished off with a hint of ginger, a great combination of flavors. The Uber Greens packs in nearly every powerful green you can think of then it is topped off with peppermint and spearmint tea providing you with a great twist to this naturally energizing drink. For more information visit Suja Juice

New flavors from Suja

JC’s Pie Pops were on of the finds of the Expo West. Taking the typical frozen treat and turning into such delicacies as the Strawberry Cream that is covered in white chocolate, strawberries and graham cracker and you can also find flavors such as key lime, caramel turtle and mint chocolate cookie. Each bite is a mouthful of delicious. JC’s also took the same concept to their truffle pops, coating them with the same rich goodness. For more information visit: JC’s Pie Pops

JC's Pie Pops

Mamma Chia

Powerful Yogurt

(Photos Courtesy: Vendela Martin)

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