Touch Drawing, Portal to the Soul in LA with Deborah Koff-Chapin Hosted by Art Forallpeople and Deborah Koff-Chapin

Date: January 25, 2014

A Bridge to the Soul: The Art of Healing Exhibition invites you to a sacred expressive arts experience with Deborah Koff-Chapin, Saturday, January 25th

10:30am-5:30pm: Daylong experiential workshop at USC 2250 Alcazar Street Los Angeles, Ca

7:00pm: Slide show & artist talk with live music in Malibu Location RSVP at [email protected] for the address. Potluck from 7-8 please bring a dish to share. Deborah's artist talk and slide show 8-10pm. We hope you can come to both, for a very rich day.

Touch Drawing is a simple but profound drawing process. Through the touch of the fingertips, lines are formed on paper that has been placed over a smooth surface of paint. Images emerge with surprising speed, enabling 10-30 drawings to be created in a single session. The freedom of expression allows for a powerful transformational process to occur. Each drawing is an imprint of the body and psyche, and acts as a stepping-stone deeper into the soul. In this all-day workshop, movement, vocalizing, writing and SoulCards are woven into the day, to present a unique approach to multi-modal Expressive Arts. Deborah hold a sacred space with her live music (heartbeat drum, crystal bowls, voice) while you draw. Find out more about Touch Drawing at

Workshop Fee $175 Art Supply Fee $50
Materials include 6 tubes of Windsor Newton water miscible oil paint, one printmaking brayer, 200 sheets of paper and one drawing board. This kit is yours to keep so you can continue your practice of Touch Drawing.

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Bio: Deborah Koff-Chapin BFA has been developing Touch Drawing since 1974, teaching at universities, conferences and retreat centers internationally. She is author of Drawing Out Your Soul, The Touch Drawing Facilitator Workbook, educational media and SoulCards 1&2. Deborah is founding director of The Center for Touch Drawing and served on the board of the International Expressive Art Therapy Association.

More about the workshop:
Touch Drawing is a transformational drawing process that arises from body movement. Images are created directly through the touch of the hands on paper that is laid over a smooth surface of paint. (Koff-Chapin, 1996, pg.7) The pressure forms imprints on the underside: a direct transfer of body sensation and psyche upon the page. (Rubin, 2003) Bringing the sensations of the moment into form via the movement of the hands catalyzes an intensified state of awareness. The speed with which drawings can be formed allows a sequence of images to emerge in a single session. The fluidity and freedom of expression allows for an embodied inner journey. (Malchiodi, 2002)

When a session is complete, direct impressions of psyche on paper can be witnessed as record of a transformational process. People who have not drawn in their adult lives tend find the Touch Drawing process accessible and empowering. With practice, a greater ability to articulate somatic sensation through image develops.

Touch Drawing interfaces naturally with and is enriched by integration with other expressive arts modalities. (Koff-Chapin, 2011) Movement and vocalizing practices are used prior to drawing sessions to engender great somatic awareness. This enables participants to access the interiority of the process more fully. After drawing sessions, writing, movement and vocalizing practices support the integration of the experience and the images. Insight emerges through the wholeness of the intermodal process.

This workshop offers participants a complete introduction to Touch Drawing as the center of an intermodal approach. It begins with a circle in which participants give voice to their particular interests in the process. During the demonstration that follows, Deborah and Jack address issues of relevance to the group. After opening movement and vocalizing practices, the first drawing session begins. With live improvisational music (drum, voice, and chimes and bowls), Deborah creates a supportive environment for this inward-focused time. Though occasional suggestions, she gently guides the participants to experience the process from different frames of reference.

The morning’s drawings are witnessed with a partner. A non-invasive approach to witnessing will be introduced. The afternoon session opens with a circle to reflect upon the experience and address issues and questions. A deeper movement and vocalizing experience opens the afternoon drawing session. Participants have private time with their afternoon drawings via reflective writing and movement practices.

In the closing circle, participants envision how they can use Touch Drawing personally as a vehicle for self-care and creative expression. Group discussion focuses on ways to integrate it into their own multi-modal Expressive Arts Therapy practices, as well as other settings. Unique applications of the process are encouraged. A particular focus will be the unique qualities of Touch Drawing and how its contribution to the growing field of Expressive Arts Therapy and Expressive Arts Education/Consultation. This workshop is of relevance to artists, therapists, educators, consultants, healing arts practitioners, and anyone wishing to explore their depths and experience transformation through creative expression. No artistic confidence is necessary.


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Koff-Chapin, D. (2011) The touch drawing facilitator workbook, Langley, WA: Center for Touch Drawing.

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