Success By Design Workshop

Date: June 22, 2013

Trust Yourself -- Influence Others -- Master Your World
Success by Design is dedicated to helping people understand, embody and express themselves powerfully. We help people raise their self-knowledge and self-confidence to extraordinary heights. Our clients learn to make decisions with total clarity, feel in control of their lives and become compelling, charismatic leaders in their fields.

Learn Strategies That Are Fine-Tuned To You
Growing up our families, teachers and friends teach us the same basic strategies for living. These strategies do not allow us to be unique individuals. Most people cannot tell the difference between who they are and who they have been conditioned to be.

Through understanding your gifts and strategies that are fine-tuned to you, you will have direct access to your true self. You will experience more energy and lower internal resistance. You will be able to make perfect decisions, align others to your visions, manifest quickly and show up powerfully. Conditioning becomes background noise as your personality shines through.

Know Your Design Workshop
In our one-day workshop you will learn your unique map of behaviors and strategies using the Human Design system. Master facilitator, Julien Adler, will provide you with simple, practical tools and strategies for making concrete choices and create real powerful change in your life. Some people consider the information you receive a personalized "Owner's Manual" for your body.
You will learn:
• How to read and use your Human Design Chart
• The specific behaviors that enable you to be your true authentic self and reach your full potential
• Your natural decision-making tools for making choices that are completely in alignment with who you are
• Personalized strategies that keep you in the flow of your life ~ imagine life without struggle

People who have received personal Human Designs have already glimpsed the wealth of self- knowledge this system can unlock. If you are ready to live your life more powerfully and authentically, to make choices and take actions from the core of who you really are, register today.

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For more information contact: [email protected]

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