Date: June 25, 2011

Abstract artist Julienne Johnson unveils her new series, ASHES FOR BEAUTY: SCENE II at Private Reception at TAG Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave. D3, Santa Monica, CA

Embracing the perennial ideal of HOPE, Julienne Johnson embraces abstraction, the vocabulary of pure color and the energy of paint to tackle global crises. She views the artistic process as the way to work through fundamental human issues and arrive at open-ended, cathartic resolutions.

Having worked as a songwriter/composer, Johnson has secured both Grammy and Dove Award nominations. She brings the same diligence to her renewed passion for painting. This show, her second solo exhibition marks her eleventh since 2008 with upcoming exhibits here and abroad.

From the dramatic perspective of “action painting”, Johnson blurs the lines between painting, sculpture and assemblage. She layers her work in the tradition of the old masters, with up to thirty layers of paint, glazes and hand-mixed pigments, obscuring hidden photographic images and prints.

ASHES FOR BEAUTY: SCENE II is the second in a series of works that explore the process of transformation. Like the Phoenix, the mythical bird that rises from the ashes, this series theatrically symbolizes the potential for hope that arises out of chaos. It celebrates the energy of life, art and transformation.

TAG Reception, June 25, 5-9pm
Artists’ Q & A, June 29, 7pm

For more information contact: [email protected]


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