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Karina Nuvo's Nouveau Soul Hits Long Beach

Karina Nuvo's Nouveau Soul Hits Long Beach If you look closely at Karina Nuvo's career, you will notice some constant themes. First, good things come to those who wait. Second, it truly is never too late to follow your heart.

Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof Fiddler On The Roof will be celebrating it's 40th Birthday on September 22. It is now playing on Broadway in it's fourth revival.

"ReDefeatBush" Fights War With Music

"ReDefeatBush" Fights War With Music Political action committee, for one, isn't sitting back comfortably as November 04's election approaches. August 10th's "Unplug Bush" event united political pundits and non-partisans alike for an acoustic evening at El Rey Theatre.

Hot on the Tail of Miss Kittin

Hot on the Tail of Miss Kittin When Miss Kittin takes the turntable, crowds everywhere stop in their tracks. The bold black words tattooed on her arms must remind dancers to "inhale" and "exhale."

The Nikhil Korula Band's Jazzy Jam

The Nikhil Korula Band's Jazzy Jam Composing a soundtrack for the planet may sound ambitious, but this 7-piece group is more than talented enough for the task. Show-goers at the Viper Room July 29th sampled a sonic feast with more musical ingredients than a molé and twice the spice.

"Immune" are Invincible

"Immune" are Invincible Immune is the sort of band you don't realize you know until you're caught tapping your foot and mouthing the lyrics to one of their signature catchy choruses.


SHILOH, THE BAND Super-talented, dashing, incredible harmonies, energetic stage performances, charismatic personalities, legion of fans, over 30,000 CDs sold since May 2003 and a #1 hit...and yet, they are unsigned!

Amy Winehouse joins “Club 27” On the 49th Anniversary of the death of Norma Mortensen aka Marilyn Monroe

 Amy Winehouse joins “Club 27” On the 49th Anniversary of the death of Norma Mortensen aka Marilyn Monroe Edward Bass' Top Ten of Hollywood's Tormented Souls

Ford Amphitheatre 2004 Season

Ford Amphitheatre 2004 Season Classical Music Events July 11 Through September 13
Feature Latin And Sephardic Flavors And A Trio Of Distinguished Pianists

Marc Antoine - Mediterraneo

Marc Antoine - Mediterraneo Mediterraneo makes you want to dance; the tango, the flamenco, or simply pick up a guitar and play along - it's Antoine at his best and in his element.

Putumayo Presents Sahara Lounge

Putumayo Presents Sahara Lounge Sahara Lounge has an impressive sound all the way through full of laid-back fusions from the Middle East that promise a cutting-edge sound - everything from electronica to hip-hop to remixes.

P.O.D Bring Music to the Gaming World

P.O.D Bring Music to the Gaming World P.O.D is a band whose combination of hard rock and almost spiritually enriched lyrics, have transcended the band from cookie cutter pop into a league of loyal fan base has just released there new, eagerly awaited album, "PAYABLE ON DEATH".

ORO - "The Best Of ORO"

ORO - "The Best Of ORO" The Italian supergroup is back! Featuring a CD full of their greatest hits, re-recorded, and a new lineup!

Mark Farina - "Air Farina"

Mark Farina - "Air Farina" Mark Farina knows two things better than almost anyone in the world…funky house music, and traveling. 'Air Farina'…ready for takeoff!

Ima Robot

Ima Robot Definite early punk-rock influences and spastic antics, mixed with the sounds and sensibilities of a jackrabbit stuck in a circuitboard on acid, finally a record that is full of energy, full of fun, and full of silly refreshment in an all-too-serious day and age.

Bargrooves al fresco

Bargrooves al fresco I mean c'mon...looking back, would you really put that pacifier back in your mouth today???

Liz Phair

Liz Phair Explicit rebel rocker re-emerges with a new album after a lengthy five-year absence. But don't expect the same indie chick of the '90s.

Caroline Waters - Venus Envy

Caroline Waters - Venus Envy In "Venus Envy," Waters demonstrates a truly original way of molding her vocal power to the color of the beat holding it down. And the beats are drawn from quite a splendid palate.

William Linton - Piano Sketches

William Linton - Piano Sketches Call him the Cerebral Maestro...Linton takes listeners on an unforgettable journey through feelings and emotions they never knew existed.

A Heart to Heart with Ozomatli

A Heart to Heart with Ozomatli When asked to describe the Ozomatli sound, Ulises summed it up in just two words: "People's music. Our music is about inclusion, not exclusion."

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